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Starsiege:Tribes is a multiplayer PC title brought to you by Dynamix and Sierra Software. Beware, if you're afraid of running up your phone or ISDN bill then stop reading now. This game is extremely hard to put down once you get to grips with what's going on. The trouble is that those first few hours are the hardest, and may put many people off. It's worth persevering with though. You soon realise how much deeper this is than something like Quake 2 CTF. This guide will get you through those first few games and give you a head start against other new players. Stick with it, this is the best online game yet IMO.


What you should do first

1. Read The Manual. Yeh I know, this is obvious and something which most people don't do when they get new software. Do it. It will prevent you from getting flamed for asking obvious questions online (By the way captain newbie, RTFM stands for Read the F#*!ing Manual).

2. Try the Training Missions. These are by no means brilliant, but will teach you the basic controls. Getting the hang of the jet pack should be a priority - by default it's assigned to the right mouse button.

3. Try out some of the maps. The best way to do this is to start up your own server using the 'Host Multiplayer' option - there's no need to go online to do this. It's a good idea to choose one of the 'Capture The Flag' missions as most online servers run this game type, and it's what i'll cover in this guide. To look around the maps quickly, fly around in observer mode - accesible using the 'Tab' key.

4. Choose your favourites. Get at least one favourite list set up for each armour class before you go online. Otherwise you'll be holding up the rest of your team every time you go to an Inventory Station. If you don't do this, be prepared for plenty of angry teammates shouting 'Hurry Up With That Station' (VEH).

5. Learn to Communicate. A team that doesn't talk to each other doesn't win. By default the 'T' key talks to everbody on a server. The 'Y' key talks only to members on your team. Pressing 'V' will give you access to the Chatmenu - more on this later, but in the mean time try and learn some useful phrases and the shortcuts associated with them.

6. Read On....

Next: How the game works. Your first game online.

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